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Microclimate B1ME Dimming Thermostat

Dimming thermostat (with ‘magic eye’ for night time drop) for controlling up to 600 watts of any heat source.
Size : 101 x 78 x 41 mm (excluding cables)

The B1 and B1ME are dimming thermostats designed specifically to control mains voltage filament lamps e.g. Reflector bulbs. However they can also be used with any resistive heat source. Do not use with fluorescent or discharge lamps. The thermostat can control loads of 5 watts up to a maximum of 600 watts. Do not attempt to operate the B1 or B1ME with a greater load than specified. To do so may result in damage to the thermostat.

Connect the mains cable from your heat source to the heater output of the B1 or B1ME (fitted mains socket) using a suitable 13A plug (fitted with a 3A fuse).

Connect the B1 or B1ME to the mains supply using the fitted mains plug. Please note the mains plug is fitted with a 3A fuse which must be replaced with a 3A fuse in the event of a failure.

Position the B1 or B1ME sensor in the vivarium at the point that you require the temperature to be controlled. This is usually approximately in the centre of the vivarium. Thus giving your vivarium a gradient of temperatures i.e. Hotter at the heat source end, controlled temperature in the middle and cooler at the end furthest away from the heat source. Do not position the sensor directly in front of the heat source . This is to ensure the sensor is measuring air temperature and not direct heat. Always use a thermometer to check the temperature of the vivarium and adjust the B1 or B1ME as required to give the required temperature.

Indication of operation of B1ME thermostat

The B1ME thermostat has the same indicators as the B1 with the addition of a red led. When on indicates that the thermostat is in night time drop mode. Adjustment for the light sensitivity for the night time drop mode is made by turning the small protruding knob on the side of the enclosure, anti-clockwise for less sensitivity, clockwise for more sensitivity. The temperature drop is made by adjusting the pot on the top of the lid indicated by a moon symbol. For the night time drop mode to work correctly the "magic eye" indicated on the lid must be able to see if it is day or night i.e. See a window or a light source which is turned off at night. If the B1ME is controlling a light source for heating the vivarium, the thermostats "magic eye" must be kept out of line of site of this heater as this will adversely effect the operation of the night time drop mode. Daytime temperature control is made by adjusting the pot on the top of the lid indicated by a sun symbol.

A small flat blade screwdriver can be used to adjust the temperature control pot on the lid of the B1 thermostat.

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