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Golden Gecko(Gekko ulikovskii) Golden Gecko(Gekko ulikovskii)

 Equipment for a Golden Gecko  

Vivexotics AX24
PT2052 Glow Light 14cm 5½” with a Zoo Med 14cm safety cover
PT-2190 Repto Glo 2.0 Compact NEW 13W
Heating: Exo Terra Ceramic Heat Emitter 40w, Safety Cage, Komodo Ceramic Fitting and a Habistat Pulse Proportional Thermostat
Orchid bark base and a covering of Moss on top.
Large water bowl.
Plants three medium and three large Exo Terra Silk plants
Vines. Two medium two large Exo Terra vines
Calcium and vitamins: Exo-Terra Calcium +D3. Exo-Terra Multi Vitamin Powder.

Many reptiles require a diet based on live or fresh foods, due to their specific feeding habits. These are readily available, but in themselves do not offer a balanced supply of nutrients. To ensure your pet receives a properly balanced diet, it is important to increase the nutrient content of these foods with a nutrient supplement.

Common Name: Golden Gecko
Latin name: Gekko ulikovskii
Native to: Golden geckos can be found in the warm rainforests of Vietnam
Size: Male golden geckos grow to around seven inches, while females stay smaller at around five to six inches
General appearance: Golden geckos do not like to be handled. They are somewhat hyper and can stress easily. Golden geckos can and will bite when bothered.
Housing requirements:
Enclosure: A single golden gecko can be housed in a 10-gallon aquarium. Provide hiding spots, climbing branches and vines within the tank. A secure lid is necessary.
Temperature: Range between 78° - 85° F
Humidity: 70% - 80%
Heat/Light: Golden geckos do not need a UV light, but do need a nocturnal heat lamp to provide necessary heat. An under-the-tank heater can also be used to supplement heat if needed.
Substrate: A substrate of forest bark or any other lizard bedding can be used. Moss also helps keep the humidity inside the cage, and provides more cover for the golden geckos.
Environment: Golden geckos need a warm and humid environment. The cage needs to be misted at least twice a day and the geckos themselves should be misted. A large water dish is also helpful with humidity, even though very few golden geckos will drink directly from the dish.
Diet: A varied diet of Locusts, crickets, mealworms, wax worms and Morio worms works best for golden geckos. Make sure to gut load the insects and dust calcium/vitamin powder. Make sure no uneaten crickets remains in the cage, as crickets tend to bite at the limbs of the golden geckos and may injure them.
Maintenance: Dead crickets and faecal material should be cleaned out regularly and the water bowl should be kept clean.
Breeding: They reach sexual maturity at less than two years of age. Both males and females are territorial, so it is best to keep pairs separate to avoid fighting.
In order to get them into breeding condition they must have a cool winter period  an the photoperiod reduced to 4-5 hours, humidity  brought down to 50-60% an reduce the temperature to 20-22 C in daylight hours and 15-18C at night. This should be done August to October. Mating takes place in November.
Three weeks after mating the eggs are laid, a clutch of two eggs. She may lay as many as four clutches a season at intervals of 20-30 days.
The eggs are usually laid on a smooth surface and once the shells have hardened are not easy to remove and are best left to hatch in the viv. If this is done over the eggs with a clear plastic box with some holes punched in it. The adult’s will not bother the eggs but will eat the young if given the chance.    
The eggs hatch after 2-3 months depending on temperature which should be 28C for a mixture of males and females.
Hatchlings do not eat until the first shed about a week.
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