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Florida Kingsnake(Lampropeltis getula floridana) Florida Kingsnake(Lampropeltis getula floridana)

Equipment for a Florida King snake 

Viv-Exotic 36”  VX36 these come in a variety of colours, Oak, Beech, Walnut, Silver. Black when on special offer
For viewing only so use an ACR18 Arcadia IP64 Dry Vivarium Controller 18Watt.
PT-2151 Exo Terra Repti Glo 2 (24”) 20watt
Use a Microclimate AHS 150
Or a Royce Heat Mat 12 x 16 inches this should be left on 24/7 as a background heat source. Combine this with a Habistat mat stat Thermostat set at 75-85 deg., Fahrenheit. Use a PT-2465 Exo-Terra Dial Thermometer or PT-2472 Digital Thermometer to monitor the Vivarium temperature. Place the heat mat at one end of the Vivarium giving a hot end and cool end. NOTE: YOU ONLY NEED THE thermostat FOR THE HEATMAT NOT THE AHS.
Aspen or beach chippings are recommended.
Put logs, branches and/or artificial plants in the vivarium which will give the snake something to climb on, this will also make your vivarium look more natural. Use a PT-2851 Reptile Hideout Cave Small for youngsters and a PT-2845 or PT-2847 for adults. A Water Bowl PT-2804 will also be required and a selection of artificial plants, choose a selection from our range to give your vivarium that finished look, PT-3000 to PT-3052.

Common Name: Florida King snake
Scientific Name: Lampropeltis getula floridana
Distribution: Florida, U.S.A.
Size: 4’ - 5’
Natural habitat
Inhabits tropical and semi-tropical grassland habitats near ponds and swampy regions of Florida.
Most will become tame with regular handling. Provide some dark hiding places when keeping this species in captivity.
Oldest recorded age was 21 years.
Captive environment
Provide a basking area with access to a cooler area. Provide several climbing areas on branches, logs, & plants.
Day temperature should have a gradient from 75 to 85°F. Maintain night temperature range between 72-78°F. Use a heat mat on a thermostat or an AHS heating system 24-hour heat.
This species requires moderate levels of humidity.
Water requirements
Provide a large fairly deep bowl for drinking and soaking.
Nutritional requirements
This species is a carnivore (meat eater) so feed the appropriate sized rodents (mice, small rats) nothing that is more than 1½ times the snakes widest girth. Enjoys feeding on small lizards and snakes as well as amphibians and birds.


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