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Chile Rose Tarantula Chile Rose Tarantula

 Equipment for keeping Chile Rose Tarantula


Housing: Fer-Plast H43 Geo Flat Plastic Tank


Heating: Royce Heat Mat 7 x 12”  Place under half the tank. Make sure it does not get too hot. We Recommend Habistat mat stat Thermostat.


Substrate:  Orchid Bark


Décor:  Cave small Keep some damp moss in this.            




Size: 4.5 - 5.5 inches

Life Span Females: 15+ years. Males 2-3 years

Housing: A small (5-10 gallon) tank is suitable. For terrestrial tarantulas the width of the tank should be two to three times wider than the leg span of the spider wide, and only as tall as the spider’s leg span. 2-3 inches of peat moss, soil, or vermiculite can be used as a substrate. Wood, cork bark, or half of a small clay flower pot can be used for a shelter/retreat.

Temperature: 70°-85° F (21-30 C)

Humidity: 60-70%

Feeding: Crickets and other large insects (must be pesticide free), occasional pinkie mouse for full grown spiders.

Temperament: Docile and calm.
Chile rose Tarantulas are one of the best starter Tarantulas for the beginner or a child. They do not mind being handled and are very docile and rarely bite. If bitten the bite is no worse than a bee sting unless the person has an allergic reaction to the venom.

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