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AFRICAN HOUSE SNAKE - (Lamprophis fuliginosus) AFRICAN HOUSE SNAKE - (Lamprophis fuliginosus)

 Equipment for an African House Snake

Vivarium: Viv-Exotic 36 inch VX36 these come in a variety of colours, Oak, Beech, Walnut.


Heating: Use an RoyceHeat Mat 16 x 12inch. Use a Komodo Habitat Thermostat for the heat mat. to ensure that the heat mat does not overheat. This should be set at 75 deg F.

Use a PT-2465 Exo-Terra Dial Thermometer or PT-2472 Digital Thermometer to monitor the Vivarium temperature. Place the heat mat at one end of the Vivarium giving a hot end and cold end.


Substrate: Aspen or beach chippings are recommended.


Décor: Put logs, branches and/or artificial plants in the vivarium which will give the snake something to climb on, this will also make your vivarium look more natural.

Use a PT-2851 Reptile Hideout Cave Small for youngsters and a PT-2845 or PT-2847 for adults.

A Water Bowl PT-2801 will also be required and a selection of artificial plants, choose a selection from our range to give your vivarium that finished look, PT-3000 to PT-3052.



General conditions are the same as for corn snakes. See the Corn Snake Care sheet.

Further Information for an African House Snake.

African House Snakes are small to medium sized and are one of the easiest snakes to keep. They are one of the commonest snakes in Africa and can be found around human habitation, woodland, scrub-land, savannah and high grassland. The males are normally smaller than the females. In the wild they can grow in excess of 3´ whereas the female can exceed 5´. Captive bred snakes tend to be slightly smaller in both sexes.

Feeding Baby House Snakes can sometimes be awkward feeders. Try feeding them one or two pinkies every 4-5 days and then when they have grown move them onto fluffs / fuzzies. As the snake grows they will move onto larger mice. They are very fast at catching their prey so be careful of fingers when introducing the mouse to the snake. Handle your snake regularly as they make lovely pets and are very calm once they get used to it. If you get a baby snake then it is advisable to put a piece of cardboard in between the glass layers of your vivarium as they are great escape artists.


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