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Royal/Ball Python Royal/Ball Python


Equipment for a Royal Python



A Vivarium Exotic 36 inch VX36 Minimum for an adult is available in Beech, Oak, Walnut and Black (as a special edition when available)



For viewing only so an Arcadia Dry Vivarium Controller ACR30. Ballast for light tube Lighting is Arcadia Freshwater Tube 30” 25 watt.



Option 1

PT2045 Ceramic Heat Emitter Heat Wave Lamp 60w

Requires a guard so that the snake cannot burn itself on the ceramic.

Habistat Pulse proportional day/night thermostat needs to be set at 87°–90° F for daylight temps, and turned down to 70° and 75° F for the night.

Option 2

Microclimate AHS 150 needs to be set at 87°–90° F for daylight temps, and turned down to 70° and 75° F for the night. This does away with all the above except for a guard.



Aspen or beach chippings are the best thing for Royals.



As Royals are nocturnal and very shy snakes they will require a good hide/Cave, Shedding Cave Wood Effect Medium or large should be good for an adult royal. Keep some damp moss inside it for shedding.

They often like to soak in a water bowl so a large bowl is required for an adult a large dog ceramic water bowl works well. You need something heavy so it is not tipped over.

Plastic plants can be added to the décor. Royals seem to enjoy climbing amongst them at night so make sure they are well anchored. Five or six plants should make a nice display PT-3000-PT-3052.






Common Name: Ball Python or Royal Python Latin name: Python regius

Native to: Central and Western Africa

Size: Adults average in size from three to five feet

Life span: Ball pythons are one of the longest-lived snakes. It is not unusual for these

Pythons can live up to 20–30 years in captivity. One specimen lived for 47 years at the Philadelphia Zoo.

General appearance: Ball pythons are named for their defensive behaviour of rolling into a tight ball with their head tucked in the middle. Like all other pythons, ball pythons have spurs at their vents. There are many different colour morphs and patterns available today in captive bred specimens. The “standard” ball python has large chocolate brown markings with lighter medium-brown spots interspersed between the darker spots. The belly is generally off-white or a pale Gray.

Housing: Remember that all snakes are escape artists and when designing an enclosure it is of the utmost importance that whatever enclosure is used is made as escape-proof as possible. Generally an adult ball python should be kept in is a 36 inches x 12 inch vivarium.

Temperature: Daytime temperatures should be maintained at 80°F-85° F with a basking temperature of 90° F-95° F. Night-time temperatures should be 75°F- 80° F.

Heat/Light: There has been no evidence to suggest that photo-periods affect the keeping of this species. If a regular photo-period is provided it is recommended to use fluorescent bulbs in order to minimize the extra heat generated by incandescent bulbs.

Red basking bulbs or ceramic emitters can be used to generate basking spots. Heat mats can also be used to help raise the ambient temperature of the enclosure. The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rocks are also useful as a secondary heat source.


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